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omg! so good!!!! i'm not even sure what's happening the entire time, but placing blocks (and invisible blocks especially) is really fun! i didn't go very far, but i felt like i was hacking the matrix in that initial area when i decided to get creative... is this normal?? ((:

btw, LOVE the music!

Thats a whole new kind of broken!

yay! what'd i win? (%

damn that was a mind #$%@ XD it was very amusing to play although it took me a lot of time ^_^ thanks for this awesome game 


Loved watching you figure things out, interesting how everyone goes for different solutions :)

Great video, thanks for playing the game!


This is absolutely hilarious. im dying. wtf is happening?? i think this may be a bug because im stuck here. also maybe a bug that somehow i fell out of the game into the unity interface. good job

Didn't think you could get stuck there, well done :D

Nice work and definitely meta. Had a good time playing. :)

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Thanks, great video! You found some clever solutions in your playthrough :)

Quite a bit of trial and error went into playtesting. :)