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The game crashed when I tried to play the web version.

I tried the windows version and the game is a bit broken because of the controls. I say the controls are broken because you can avoid the police by getting stuck in the doors or the walls... Idk if that's intentional, but it felt weird. I think you shouldn't allow those movements and do like in pac-man instead: if a move is not possible, just save it for the next turn when it is possible, and don't let the player run into the walls.

Anyway, I think it's a good concept and the visuals felt cool. The police AI and number of policemen felt just right for me.


Yeah, I left the wall and door moves in to help maneuver around the police when a lot of them are on your neck, but some more explicit dance tricks would be definitely better. 

For some reason Chrome on Windows can't run the web version while everything else works, haven't found a fix yet.

Thank you for the feedback!